A nearly a week Summer Break with Boots ‘n’ Blisters Line Dance Club

On the last Sunday of July I started my Summer Break with my Line Dance Club. This was the third time we had been on this fun holiday at TLH Resort in Torquay.

I arrived with my friend Helene to pick up the coach and as it was already at the departure point our bags went in the boot and we were off! Our friends already on the coach had saved our seats so we soon settled down for the 4-5 hour journey. This went surprising fast thanks to a glass of wine and our dance instructor Emma putting on some DVDs.

Once at the hotel we went to our rooms unpacked and settled in. Dinner was at 7. The food at this hotel is excellent. From here we went to the Richmond Ballroom for an evening of dancing and quizzes. A good start to our week as we won a quiz and was awarded a bottle of bubbly!


The weather was good all week which was a bonus. We spent most mornings in the Warwick Suite for dance tuition. Must add that I did manage to learn two new dances but failed miserable on the third. A bit too tricky and fast for me I'm afraid!

We took the bus to Paignton on our free day and walked to The Redcliffe Hotel. We have spent a few weekends in this hotel with the club. We enjoyed a Devon Cream Tea, sat and relaxed and reminisced!

We also ventured on the big wheel that was at the harbour. A great experience to see Torquay from such a height!

Fancy dress night was the theme of Hawaii. This as you can imagine brought out some fabulous outfits! This coupled with the 'sing a karaoke song' was a fantastic funny night. Most of us got up and gave a rendition of many songs and everyone laughed until they almost cried! This is defiantly the high light and best night of the holiday!

We had Texas Tornados to entertain us on the last night. They were fabulous. Singing many country songs for us to dance to and also doing some fun songs!

Our journey back on Friday was very long due to excessive traffic but again with a couple of DVDs to help to past the time and along with a few naps we all managed to get, it didn't seem so bad!

I had a fabulous time and so enjoyed spending my time with a great group of fun-loving people. So much so that I have paid my deposit to return in 2014!



A week in East Midlands.

I've spent the first week of August visiting my son Philip in Bourne, Lincolnshire and having some nice days out.

My first day was shopping at Downtown, Grantham which is an an enormous departmental store and garden centre. I managed to buy two pairs of shoes and had a second look at a sofa that I may possible buy. But not quite sure at the moment!

The next day was a visit to Ely to visit the cathedral. I like to visit cathedrals and when I go to Philip's he will always oblige. Hour and a half drive across country meant we arrived at Isle of Ely. Although since the Fenland has been drained Ely is no longer an island.

First stop was at the Information Centre which is housed in the house of Oliver Cromwell. With a trusty map and very good instructions of the attractions we set off to the cathedral to book a tour for 2 o'clock. Then we found a coffee shop for food and drink and rest!

From here we took a walk around the town and High Street. A very nice area, very old buildings all very clean with a pleasant atmosphere.

Back to the cathedral for the tour. This was about an hour long and the tour guide was a volunteer, a very nice elderly lady. Her tour was very informative and amusing.

After this we walked down to the Riverside, the Great Ouse. This was a lovely place. Many boats moored, river cruises available, boats for hire and of course ducks and swans! With the sun shining it was a very enjoyable place to be. We stopped at the Tea rooms, sat outside and enjoyed a cream tea. Bone china crockery decorated with pretty roses really makes this English tradition special!

Good journey home and to the local pub for an evening meal ended a really good day.

Off shopping on my last day to track down 'the world's lightest suitcase'. Found success in Matalan. The perfect case but maybe not the perfect pattern, as the size that I wanted was only available in leopard skin withpink zips. Still at least I will find it easily on the airport carousel!

Back home tomorrow after a really nice break.


Back blogging!

After a long absence of personal blogging I'm back with the help of the Blogsy app. After a few lessons from my son Philip I'm hoping that I will have better success in my personal blogs as my desktop computer has given up the ghost.

Now I'm pinning all my hopes on my iPad.

So watch this space for some of my adventures.


Beginning of April

The first few weeks of April have been busy for me. A visit to my local Bromley Churchill theatre to see ‘Jersey Nights’ was very good. A meal before and a bottle of wine with friends made a good start to the evening. The show was very slick with all Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons songs plus a few from the same era.

The next day I had lunch with my Harris Group friends. This was in Buddha Belly a newly opened restaurant in Bromley. Very good value a set price of £9.95 during the day and we can help yourself to as much or little of food from the buffet tables as you wish. They had food from all parts of the world, Italy, China, India and Mexico.

Monday saw me up at Victoria Coach station to meet Joan again.  This time she was coming up to accompany me to see an Alphie Boe concert. The weather was much better so travelling was less of a hassle!

We booked a mini-cab to take us on Tuesday.  He picked us up at 5.30 and as traffic was heavy he took us round all the back street, ducking and diving this way and that.  We thought we would never get to the Albert Hall but we did arrive in good time!  The concert was terrific.  Alphie Boe bounced on the stage singing ‘It’s Over’.  A very rocky concert and he featured many numbers from his new CD Storyteller.  Needless to say that  half way through he sang his famous ‘Bring him Home’ from Les Mis.  So beautiful you could have heard a pin drop in the Albert Hall.  I loved the whole concert, his voice is amazing!  We had booked the mini cab to pick us up after the show and he was waitning for us when we came out.  Pleased to say traffic was clear and we had a quick safe drive home!

On Wednesday I took Joan and cousin Marilyn down to see Jill, Craig, Grace and Stanley and new house.  We had a very enjoyable day.

Thursday we were back at Victoria Coach station again.  Joan to go home and me to go to visit my son Philip in Bourne, Lincs.

I arrived there at 5.30 and Philip was waiting for me.  A pleasant evening and a welcome early night.  On Friday I had a walk into town with Marie.  I got a knitting pattern from a lovely little craft shop and the clockman bought a couple of watches from me to use for spares. I have had these watches indoors for years so was pleased that he could use them.  Out for a meal in the evening at the local pub\restaurant with Philip, Helen and Oliver and a couple bottles of wine made a perfect way to end the day!

Downton 2downton 1

Saturday was a great day.  A visit to Peterborough Museum with Philip to see an exhibition of clothing connected to Downton Abbey television show.  A very interesting exhibition and we then walked around the Museum.  This has just undergone a big update programme and is now a very good interactive Museum which children would really enjoy.

Downton 2downton 4

After a bit of lunch we went along to Peterborough Football Ground to watch The Posh play against Watford United.  Philip had won two tickets for the match at work and so took me along to see my first real footbally match!  The atmosphere inside the ground was good and once in our seats,  sponsorship photos done and some antics from the mascots of each team over, the whistle blow and the game was off.  The Posh played very well and scored two goals in the first half which also had a yellow card warning for a Watford player.  The second half brought another goal for The Posh, a red card sending off for a Watford player, another yellow and two substitutions for The Posh which to me spoilt their play,  as they didn’t seem to have the same commitment and rhythme which amounted to Watford scoring two goals.  After five minutes extra time the final score was 3-2 to Peterborough so all was well.  I really enjoyed the game and found it very exciting.  There had been a shower during the second half and it did turn cold but I had gone along prepared with scarf and gloves so I was fine.

posh 3posh 2

We made our way home after this and had a lovely chicken and rice dinner and for me an early night 10.15 as I think the fresh air had exhausted me!

posh 1

Sunday was a relaxed day for me just knitting and watching television.  But I did go with Philip and Billy the dog for a lovely walk around Bourne Woods. 

On Monday Helen took me to the bus station and I caught my coach back to Victoria after a lovely weekend with Philip and Helen and the family.  I arrived home at 4 o’clock.

Tuesday was my usual met with Freedom Ladies www.freedomladies.wordpress.com

I had another ‘ladies that lunch’ day on Wednesday meeting up with some old work colleagues.  A very pleasant time catching up with all the news now that we are all retired!!

That brings me up to date now so I can now hopefully complete a weekly blog which was my intention when  2013 started!

Catch-up March

I have been busy and unfortunately have not managed to write a weekly personal blog so I will cheat a little and finish off my comings and goings for the end of March.

My son Paul was over from Shanghai and his friend Aayan joined us on a visit to Jill. They were pleased to see Grace, Stanley, Craig and Jill and the new house. Grace was pleased to see us. We had a lovely tea of fish and chips. Needless to say Paul always enjoys this when over here.

Also this week my back garden fence had blow down in the strong winds so I spent one day indoors while the fenceman mended it. A good job done ready for summer! I also did my ‘ladies that lunch’ outing and had lunch with four old school friends. Very nice.

On Saturday I went to a 60th, yes, 60th wedding anniversary of a friend. A terrific night thoroughly enjoyed by all.

On the Sunday I took my eldest grandchildren Ricky and Amy down to see Jill, Craig, Stanley and Grace.  A good day and Ricky’s first time of seeing Stanley.  Grace really enjoys company and loved playing chasing and hiding with them.


Monday was the choir concert. There was a big audience in fact the largest gathering we have seen. It all went off very well. The choir was in very good voice and the band was terrrific. We were appaulded and an encour requested so being true entertainers we obliged by repeating ‘You’re just too good to be true’! A great night!


Thursday I met my sister Joan at Victoria as she was coming to join me and our cousins and friends for a Easter weekend trip to Wales.  We joined the coach on Good Friday morning and set off for Llandudno.  Although very very cold we really had a good time.  Snow was still lying on the hillsides in Wales and it was cold with a bittering wind. The hotel was a family run concern in the centre of town. Food excellent, staff friendly and kind and entertainment good. Was our lucky week as Joan and one other in our party won the bingo! Excursions took us to Snowdonia and surrounding areas and LLanfairpwllgwyngynngogerychwyrndrobwllantybliogogogoch!! A good fun break with plenty of laughs!